For over 30 years our company has played a dynamic role in documenting and exploring the different sectors of visual arts. Its innovative publishing models, academic quality, highly distinctive graphic design and its attention to the reproduction of images have set new standards of excellence in illustrated publishing.

Over the years the established activities of the publishing house have extended into new areas of interest, but our life motive remains untouchable: to play a leading role in the world’s cultural debate.

For our Readers

Dear Readers,

We started this second decade of the 21st Millennium with new ideas and renewed energy. We are venturing into new territories and very innovative editorial formats.

We can tell which way the wind’s blowing, and harness it in our sail to ever move forward. The wind is taking us to new and important horizons, and we love the feeling.
But even if the new millennium is on its second decade, we still believe in our traditions. Since we deeply love the beauty and pleasure of paper printing and hands-on book buying, that unique feeling of a book choosing its reader.

A lot of people appreciate our old-school style, but paramount to our work is the joy of life. These first 30 years made us strong, and gave us an advantageous point of view from where to look to the past, for living the present and future lifestyle.

We do regret the closure of bookstores and fellow print publishers worldwide, and we hope that together we will be able to find an optimal and wholly sincere balance in the industry.

Thank you for your continuous support, and happy reading.

Peace out,